The easiest

way to

start a DAO

Upstream makes it simple to launch a DAO with its no-code, full-stack platform. No technical experience required.

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Upstream DAOs

The simplest way to start and manage a DAO. Upstream is a no-code, full-stack, DAO-in-a-box platform. Voting, chat, events, proposals, governance, and your treasury all in one place.

Upstream DAO
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Complete Suite of DAO Tools

Upstream has everything you need to host your DAO on the blockchain.

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Community Wallet

Bring together money, NFTs, and other web3 tokens in a shared wallet. Contribute to the community’s wallet and vote on proposals to decide what actions to take as a community.

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Voting & Proposals

Every DAO member can create, discuss, and vote on proposals. Proposals need a majority vote to pass and quorum to be reached for the decision to be executed.