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What is an Upstream DAO?

The simplest way to start and manage a DAO. Upstream DAOs support all of the essential functions of a DAO, in one easy-to-use platform that requires no technical experience.

Why use an Upstream DAO?

All-in-One. Upstream DAOs support all of the essential functions of a DAO so you don’t have to move back and forth across platforms. Voting, chat, events, proposals, and community wallet all in one place.

Upstream Collectice Vote

Community Wallet, DAO Action

Decisions in a DAO are voted on by the entire community. DAO members submit proposals to suggest what actions the community should take.

Upstream Collectice Together

Come Together

Attend virtual and IRL events to get to know fellow DAO members.

Upstream Collectice Raise

Raise Money

Contribute money to the shared ETH wallet and fund the group’s approved proposals.

Upstream Collectice Decide

Make Decisions

Vote on proposals made by fellow members. Approved proposals are recorded on the blockchain.

Upstream Collectice Act

Take Action

DAO members decide how to use their budget with majority votes and take action together.

Current Features

Shared Wallet

Bring together money, NFTs, and other web3 tokens in a shared wallet. Contribute to the DAO and vote on proposals to decide what actions to take as a community.

Proposals & Voting

Every DAO member can create, discuss, and vote on proposals. Proposals need a majority vote to pass and quorum to be reached for the decision to be executed.

Group Chat

Talk about proposals, plans, and absolutely anything in the DAO-wide chat. No need to move between Discord or Slack.

Dynamic Delegation

If you don’t want to vote on every proposal, you are able to delegate your votes to another person in the DAO. You may delegate all of your voting power for all proposals to one person or to different people for different proposals.

Member Directory

See all of the members of your DAO in one central location.

Virtual Events

Host DAO-only events for your community members, hosted online through Upstream’s video streaming service or IRL using Upstream’s in-person event tool.