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🚀 NFT Spotlight: CPG “Crypto Packaged” GOODS

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Thursday, September 22, 2022 6:00 PM GMT

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This is a series where Alex interviews the top NFT projects in the space.

On this event, we will be interviewing Chris Cantino, and Jaime Schmidt, Co-Founders of CPG, the NFT project where consumer meets Web3—Crypto Packaged Goods.

Club CPG began in 2020 as a community group on Clubhouse. Crypto Packaged Goods is now a full-fledged Web3 alpha community and incubator that works on new drops and community-oriented initiatives. CPG is one of the most recognized communities in the space today.

Utility Includes:
> alpha chats
> Genius Call seminars
> CPG Data Room® trading insights
> events
> retreats
> allow lists
> ((redacted))

We’ll be asking about their journey, wins and learning, and what makes them different from the thousands of NFT projects out there.